"I feel like I am living in one of your books. Or all of them."

~Senior UN Official, somewhere in Africa...

Evil Genius Books

These are books written and published under my own brand, Evil Genius Publishing. From time-to-time I also highlight books and other writing projects of mine that are in-progress. For now you'll need to buy my books on Amazon, but eventually I'll sell directly from this site. 


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"Cross-Border lays bare the complexities – and myths – of humanitarian response (and humanitarians themselves). A great read for anyone seeking to understand the reality of today’s responses. The characterizations and habits ring (all too) true.."  

— Patricia Mcllreavy, InterAction


Lawrence "Larry" Smith had never been one to take chances. Playing by the rules was how he lived his life and built his career. But then Tracy walked out and Aksel went off the rails, all in the same week, and just like that Larry's world was shattered.

As World Aid Corps' (WAC) Middle portfolio began to crash and burn somewhere between the windswept deserts of southern Syria and the English-themed pubs of Amman, Larry found himself pulled into the murky world of cross-border humanitarian operations. Little could he know that the truth of what actually happened with grant US-008-58673-0062 would spiral through the cramped cubicles of D.C., smoky pubs in Sweifiah, and the dusty planes of As Sweidah. What connected Aksel, head of office for WAC in Amman to a Syrian warlord with international ambition? Would Larry take the fall for Aksel’s fast-and-loose style? Would he survive outside the safety of the D.C. headquarters? And what would become of the alluring but mysterious Hannah?

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Aid work was never "just a job" for Nassandra. But on Planet Earth, as head of the Inter-Galactic Aid Programme relief response, she found herself tested in ways she'd never imagined. As the last Native Earth tribes fought for their survival against the savage R'tulan who plundered Earth's very substance, Nassandra found herself caught in a drama of violence, passion, and an unexpected search for the essence of humanity. 

The world's first humanitarian science fiction novel!

Original cover art by Paul Weaver

"It’s easy enough for a hot afternoon on the porch, but there are some serious, interesting and even thought-provoking nuggets of aid wisdom in the novel that should take it to the level of undergraduate reading  lists."  

— Tobias Denskus, Aidnography.


"...an enthralling, passionate and thought-provoking escape..."

Stuff Expat Aid Workers Like

"Thy Lord and Saviour lost count of the number of commandments broken in the first dozen pages. But yea, He read on, for Disastrous Passion is unputdownable."


Mary-Anne and Jean-Philippe come from different worlds. She’s a simple girl from America’s conservative deep south, trying to break free of the societal bonds that hold her back. He’s a hardened, cynical man of the world haunted by a dark past. Both are thrown together in the chaos of a disaster response after a massive earthquake in Haiti. Can Mary-Anne ever love a man like him? Can Jean-Philippe ever find a soul-mate in a woman like her? Will stress and the danger of a disaster zone ultimately keep them apart? Or will their love smolder into a white-hot flame of passion?


A rollicking, thought-provoking, hilarious, and sometimes somber story of humanitarian workers trying to make sense of work and life (and maybe get a little action) in the aftermath of a massive natural catastrophe.

Disastrous Passion: A Humanitarian Romance is an edited, updated, re-release of the 2012 aid industry cult classic. It is also the prequel to the Mary-Anne trilogy that began with Missionary, Mercenary, Mystic, Misfit.

Honor Among Thieves, #HAT, #HumFiction, J.

"Gripping from the first page."  

— Michael Kleinmann, author of Expat Etiquette.


"I have read all your books and I have to tell you I enjoyed this one the most."

— Reader on Facebook


Mary-Anne has left East Africa and traded in her dusty cargo pants for business suits at the World Aid Corps (WAC) headquarters in Washington, D.C. Her first major assignment, planning a new corporate-funded project in a rural village in Cambodia, seems simple enough—at first. Before long, she is caught in a web of high-stakes aid world maneuvering, board room deals, conflicting priorities, and hidden agendas that threatens not only to destroy her career, but rob her of her soul.

From the iridescent rice fields of the Mekong Delta, to the curiously named bars and teeming backstreets of Phnom Penh, Mary-Anne finds her journey inextricably tied to others: a bereaved Cambodian mother, an arrogant colleague with something to prove, and a demanding donor with something to gain. As she searches for the sweet spot between humanitarian idealism and donors’ expectations, will she be able to do what she knows in her heart is right? Whose version of “helping” really helps? And who are the real humanitarians?

Missionary Mercenary Mystic Misfit, #MMMM, #HumFiction, J.




Mary-Anne has moved on, grown since the disastrous and passionate days of the Haiti earthquake response. Now, with World Aid Corps, based in Dolo Ado, Ethiopia, she struggles to balance life, love, and career following the opening of yet another new refugee camp at Bur Amina.

Will the heart-wrenching plight of an endless supply of refugees stretch her to the breaking point? Or will she rise beyond the challenges? And what will become of Jean-Philippe? Will prolonged separation cause their hearts to grow fonder? Or will she find comfort in the arms of the mysterious, brooding Jonathon Langstrom? Will she take a job at HQ? Or will she continue to answer the humanitarian call from a dusty refugee camp on the border of Somalia? 

In the end, just how close will Mary-Anne come to crossing the lines from missionary to mercenary, and from mystic to misfit?

"Missionary, Mercenary, Mystic, Misfit combines the passion and intensity of Jeff Sachs with the wit and charisma of Bill Easterly. I couldn't put it down."  

— Laura Seay, Texas in Africa.


"Sandblasts away the illusion that humanitarian aid work is a straightforward and consistent act of selflessness... a grimly realistic protrayal."

— Avril Benoit, Médecins Sans Frontières



Letters Left Unsent, J. #hum #aid

Letters Left Unsent goes where few authors have gone before, by giving a non-fiction, non-memoir look at the work and life of a humanitarian through the eyes of a full-time, professional humanitarian worker as he grapples with the question of how to *be* an aid worker, and what that means. 

Aid worker, blogger, and humanitarian fiction author, J., pulls together a collection of previously published blog posts and articles, edited and distilled for use by students, instructors, and anyone who has ever dreamed of being a humanitarian.

"Letters Left Unsent adds significantly to post-modern writing about 'development' - it is an eclectic mix, blog-style, but with a narrative; biographical, but so much bigger; self-reflective, but without Western indulgences; insightful, but without the morality of 'telling it all'; and passionate, but without romantic defense or cynical dismissal.

The narrative resembles some of the key challenges that humanitarian work poses to those who engage with good intentions and the right skills: Very often there is no 'story' about that girl in a camp and we will not know what happened to her and her family and all of the sudden we are at a fun leaving party for a colleague the next evening-aid work simply isn't that much more special, larger than life or useful in understanding ourselves, our problems or the dynamics of the consumerist world and J.'s writing is a very honest reflection of that."
-Tobias Denskus, Aidnography







"Letters Left Unsent is one of few authentic accounts describing exactly what aid work 'feels' like - from the inside. Aid work aspirants will find it eye-opening. Those in aid work will appreciate that J has finally put words to so many aspects of our experience that we find elusive or difficult."

- Kelsey Hoppe, Editor/Author, Chasing Misery



"It is an important illustration of the development/aid worker's life that does not resort to pieties or broad brushes. Instead, it wrestles with the ambiguities of life in this career.  ...if you are headed into this field, into this career, you are headed where J has been. Only fools ignore history, even if it is not their own. Only a very foolish prospective aid worker will ignore this book."


- Edward R. Carr, Researcher, Author of Delivering Development.



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