I am a veteran, professional humanitarian aid worker.


I write under the pseudonym "J.", and publish under my own brand, Evil Genius.


I have worked in the field of international aid, relief and development since the early 1990s when I got my first aid job in Asia. Since then, I’ve held both head/support office positions in the U.S.A. as well as field based positions. To-date my career has been approximately evenly divided between field and HQ posts.

Just so there's no confusion, I have a real humanitarian aid job. I write about humanitarian aid, in my spare time and with a personal computer, because I find it cathartic.


This is my personal website.


J. Aid Blogger, Indie Author.

Look for my avatar on Social Media.

I am an indie author and blogger.


In 2007 I began writing about my experience in the humanitarian world on a blog called Tales From the Hood. In 2012 I transitioned to a blog called AidSpeak. Although Tales From the Hood and AidSpeak are both closed now, my social media presence and "brand" continues to spin off that identity and my original blogging pseudonym, "J."


I write a mix of fiction and non-fiction, almost exclusively about and for the humanitarian aid industry. My writing is available via a mix of mediums, including blogs, books, and interviews. My area of expertise and interest is large-scale disaster response (quite broad, I know), and within that, aid effectiveness, humanitarian accountability, and the humanitarian ecosystem.


I am half-owner of the uber-awesome, Stuff Expat Aid Workers Like.


I do consider requests to guest write/blog, interview, and speak publicly. Please see CONTACT.

J. Aid Blogger, #SEAWL
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